Life is a compilation of experiences. We are the curators of this collection. Making it consequential, memorable and inspiring is the “Live Large” mission. We proactively pursue passions that make us come alive in all realms of daily life. The world needs us. We believe that autopilot is death. Grab the wheel.

We aim to be exceptional and recognize that average actions do not produce extraordinary results. This requires us to both live “in the moment” and to plan for future explorations that expand our horizons. A bent toward active adventure does not preclude the quiet enjoyment of spectacular sunsets. Be and do. 

Living large means taking full advantage of every day we have on earth while understanding that not all are equal. Saturdays are stupendous whether spent climbing a mountain or swinging in a hammock. We don’t waste opportunities for adventure, exploration, learning, leisure, or love. We say “yes” and we go. 

Experiences are better than things, especially in the outdoors. We travel light, collecting friends and memories along the way. To look back on life with satisfaction is living twice. These are the good things: travel, work, hobbies, relaxation, fitness, food, drink, friends, and financial freedom. Make a great story.

We embrace independence and community. The quality of life is a function of relationships. The story is made sweeter by the people that populate the pages of our autobiography. You will find kindred spirits in this family. We don’t need fortune, fame or followers. We strive to live lives that matter: Live Large!

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