Cortney Behrends

Cortney Behrends is a successful entrepreneur, social innovator, business executive, mentor, fitness fanatic, inspiring leader, and aspiring fashion icon. From a small town in the hill country of central Texas, she possesses a strong work ethic that propelled her from college to become the CEO of two significant businesses before the age of thirty. 

Her early jobs in retail, banking and medical device sales gave her a diverse set of experiences and taught her many important lessons on leadership, business, values and customer service. Cortney’s professional career began following her graduation from Texas State University when she took a job as the executive assistant to the senior partner of the innovation management consulting firm Kalypso. In that role, she quickly made herself indispensable to the partner team and greatly expanded her scope of responsibilities, eventually running complex operations and events for the global firm.

With the support and assistance of mentors at Kalypso, Cortney left the firm in late 2014 to help launch a resort management business in Belize named Muy’Ono. In her initial role as chief operating officer, she expanded the portfolio from a single property to a diverse set of nine highly successful resorts and tour businesses that deliver “WOW” experiences to guests. Her leadership of the innovative approach to marketing made her the obvious choice to take over as CEO when the founder decided to step aside. 

As the chief executive officer of Muy’Ono, Cortney created a company culture and collaborative work environment that has enabled continued growth and success. She is a values-oriented leader whose mission is to inspire and mentor young professionals to grow both professionally and personally. She is especially proud of the young women in her network that have exhibited the ambition and drive to assume leadership roles. 

Cortney’s earned her status as a social innovator with her latest business venture, a lifestyle movement named Live Large that creates communities of inspiring individuals. As co-founder and CEO, she is guiding the vision and strategy of this mission-driven organization that serves to promote purposeful and intentional living. The company will expand using an innovative ambassador model that makes money while serving a higher purpose. The Live Large Manifesto serves as her guide in this worthy endeavor. 

A graduate of the Housley Principled Leadership Program, she is a strong supporter of the nonprofit Stelos Alliance and it mission to help extraordinary young leaders reach their potential. Cortney is now a lecturer in the program, teaching classes on the entrepreneurial mindset and personal brand management at the collegiate level.     

The demands of running two companies does not prevent Cortney from maintaining a healthy lifestyle. She is a fitness fanatic that is addicted to the high she gets from her crazy-early morning spin class and can bench press her own weight with relative ease. She inspires those around her to exercise regularly while eating healthy “most of the time.”  A recent lab test showed elevated levels of avocado in her bloodstream.  

While home is in Texas, she is constantly on the move and always up for exploring new destinations. An avid SCUBA diver and snow skier, she also enjoys all kinds of fishing, shooting, hiking, boating and being outdoors. Her culinary adventures have taken her to the best restaurants, the finest resorts, and most exclusive wineries in the world, however, most weekends you can find her at one of Austin’s many live music venues dancing to Texas country music.  

Cortney’s near-future includes plans for an expansion of Muy’Ono beyond Belize, the global rollout of Live Large, serving a new non-profit that empowers young women, getting married, starting her own fashion line, and making it all look easy. 

Bill Poston

Bill Poston is an entrepreneur, business advisor, investor, philanthropist, educator, and adventurer. He is the founder or principal owner of over fifteen companies and nonprofit enterprises. 

Live Large is an extension of Bill’s experience teaching self-awareness and intentional living to college students through the Housley Principled Leadership Program which he founded and teaches each semester. He authored the Live Large Manifesto and supports the organization as Elite Ambassador #1.

Bill’s portfolio of companies includes Kalypso, a management consulting firm that helps global businesses achieve their growth goals through innovation and new product development; Muy’Ono, a resort and tour management firm in Belize; and, the Stelos Alliance, a nonprofit that helps extraordinary young leaders at the collegiate level reach their potential.   

When not starting new things, Bill has served as a director on multiple corporate and nonprofit boards including the Texas State University Development Foundation and Alumni AssociationGetaway2GiveEquity Estates, and Low Hanging Fruit. He has taught, mentored, and guided the careers of hundreds of successful professionals as a business leader, coach, teacher, advisor, and friend. Bill’s businesses have been recognized with countless awards and accolades for their relentless focus on values, professional development and philanthropy.

His passion for exploration and adventure keeps him moving around the world in search of more extreme forms of hiking, SCUBA diving, snow skiing, boating and all types of fishing. Bill keeps his “north of fifty” body in condition with a punishing exercise regimen and a crazy diet that includes lots of really good wine. While he lives with a “no fixed address” mentality, he and his wife, Richele, can occasionally be found at their home in the Texas Hill Country where their four adult children and a growing number of grandchildren infrequently congregate from far-flung parts of the world for raucous family time. Read more thoughts and musings from Bill on his blog found here.

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