Feeling Humble up high

Climbing a mountain is exhilarating, challenging, and rewarding. No matter how high it is, every ascent has some things in common. 

-Olivia Rapisand

Millan Lives Large

Making the morning coffee is an honor that goes to the earliest of early birds. I know my friend Millan takes great pride in beating me there.

-Bill Poston

My log book

I’ve been SCUBA diving for over 25 years. Destinations have included The Great Barrier Reef in Australia, the Greek Isles, Hawaii, California, Florida, a mine in Missouri, and every divable spot in Mexico and the Caribbean. 

-Bill Poston

Ode to a lift

Downhill skiing can be a hyper-competitive sport. Even a little fun day on the mountain can turn into an exhausting and exhilarating athletic experience. 

-Bill Poston

A Fish story

A fox walking on the beach had drawn him out of the cabin into the gray, pre-dawn light. The fire had gone out during the night, but the cabin was warm compared with the chill of the morning.

-Bill Poston

Vitamin I

Canadian heli-skiing is for expert skiers – or those that have a natural deficiency of fear or sense.

-Bill Poston

See life

At sea level, a person standing 5’10” tall can see almost three miles to the horizon. We were sitting on the steps of the palapa drinking coffee which put our eye level at about that height.

-Bill Poston

Second Impression

I have always wanted my own IMDb entry.So when one of my grad school buddies told me he was making a feature length movie in Austin, I raised my hand to volunteer.

-Bill Poston

Random Encounters

I was thirty minutes early and he was half-an-hour late. That gave me time to drink three Belikins and make a new friend.

-Bill Poston

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